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RoboFoamer FAQ

Started by Christi, June 07, 2019, 09:45:12 pm

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June 07, 2019, 09:45:12 pm Last Edit: June 07, 2019, 11:05:52 pm by Jeff
Q: What is RoboFoamer?
  • RoboFoamer is the system that monitors certain Control Points in Arizona along the BNSF's Seligman Sub and UP's Yuma, Gila, Phoenix and Lordsburg Subs for Train Movement.

Q: What does RoboFoamer do?
  • RoboFoamer sends an email when a train is in the Control Point's advanced block, which gives a heads up about a train that will be at the location of the Control Point.

Q: What is a Control Point?
  • A Control Point is the wayside device along the tracks that communicates the Signals, Switches to the Dispatch Center.

Q: What is the benefit of RoboFoamer?
  • If you are Train Watching near one of the Control Points and have access to your email, you will have an idea when a train is coming towards you.

Q: Can RoboFoamer send Text Messages?
  • Yes, RoboFoamer can send Text Messages (SMS) to any mobile device.  Keep in mind, some carries do charge for text messaging/data usage. will not be charged for this service, and has to be submitted via the Contact Form for which Control Point you want.

Q: What Control Points are monitored?
  • BNSF West Darling (329) (Seligman Sub)
  • BNSF West Williams Jct (375) (Seligman/Phoenix Subs)
  • BNSF East Valentine (484) (Seligman Sub)
  • UP Araz (SP724) (Yuma Sub)
  • UP Fortuna (SP743) (Gila Sub)
  • UP Blaisdell (SP747) (Gila Sub)
  • UP West Wellton (SP768) (Gila Sub)
  • UP Wellton (SP771) (Roll Lead - Old Phoenix/Gila Subs)
  • UP Enid (SP887) (Gila Sub)
  • UP Arizona Grain (SP904) (Gila Sub)
  • UP Casa Grande (SP918) (Gila Sub)
  • UP Coolidge (PX962) (Phoenix Sub)
  • UP Picacho Wye (PX979) (Phoenix/Gila Subs)
  • UP Sabino (SP970) (Gila Sub)
  • UP Vail Crossovers (S1000) (Lordsburg Sub)
  • UP Mescal (S1023) (Lordsburg Sub)
  • UP Sibyl (S1044) (Lordsburg Sub)
  • UP Karro (S1109) (Lordsburg Sub)

Q: What is the Reliability?
  • System Up Time depends on a few factors: 1) Internet Access (which in 2019, we have had an up time of 98% and 2) Status of Receive/Monitoring Sites by and others that help host sites.

Q: How to get Train Alert Emails?
Visit one of the following groups and sign up for the one that you want:

  AZTrainAlerts | main / Train Alerts for the BNSF Transcon (Northern Arizona) and UP Transcon (Southern Arizona).
  Train Alerts for Arizona RailFans.

  AZTrainAlerts | BNSFPhoenixSub / Train Alerts for the BNSF Phoenx Sub (Peavine).
  Arizona BNSF Phoenix Subs Train Alerts.

  AZTrainAlerts | BNSFTransCon / Train Alerts for the BNSF Transcon (Northern Arizona).
  Arizona BNSF Train Alerts for the Transcon.

  AZTrainAlerts | PhoenixSubs / Train Alerts for the BNSF Phoenix Sub (Peavine) and UP Phoenix Sub
  Arizona Phoenix Subs (BNSF/UP) Train Alerts.

  AZTrainAlerts | UPPhoenixSub / Train Alerts for the UP Phoenix Sub
  Arizona UP Phoenix Subs Train Alerts.

  AZTrainAlerts | UPTransCon / Train Alerts for the UP Transcon (Southern Arizona)
  Arizona UP Train Alerts for the Transcon.

Feel Free to ask any other questions below.  If you are not a member, please register for free on our site for updates.

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