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ATSF Semaphores scheduled to come down

Started by SW_railroad_photography, September 29, 2022, 10:27:54 pm

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I have been informed by many sources that the ATSF Semaphores on the BNSF Glorieta Sub will be coming down by November 15. This is also in conjunction with NMRX removing 5 Semaphores from the NMRX ABQ Sub. These locations on the Glorieta Sub include

South Las Vegas MP 774 (2 Semaphores, New Signal is up)
ESS Ojita (3 Semaphores, New Signal equipment is trackside, with a new signal box. Also survey markers present)
WSS Ojita (3 Semaphores, New Signal Box with New survey markers present)
MP 781 (2 Semaphores, new Signal and or box installed)
MP 783 (2 Semaphores, signs of vehicles present out there)
MP 786 (2 Semaphores, signs of signal crews out there. Some orange cones making spots)
ESS Chapelle (3 Semaphores, BNSF vehicles spotted out there. Signs of survey markers present)
WSS Chapelle (3 Semaphores, nothing yet)
Bernal (2 Semaphores, New Signal is installed)

Now I'm told the 5 Semaphores plus the Searchlights in Lamy will all be soon cutover in the coming weeks well before Nov 15. This is all being done by Herzog mainly with some assistance from BNSF. This will get rid of the TWC and install CTC I believe. Which may work with ATCS/TrainMon5

This leaves 11 Semaphores left on the mainline. They are located at

ESS COLMOR (3 Semaphores)
WSS LEVY (3 Semaphores)
MP 722 (2 Semaphores)
ESS WAGON MOUND (3 Semaphores)

No word yet as to the future of those blades. Will keep y'all posted.
SW Railroad Photography
Bernalillo, NM

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