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History of Locals around Chandler-Gilbert-Queen Creek

Started by BNSF_8010, November 30, 2022, 05:00:18 pm

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Hello fellow AZ Railfans!

I'd like to ask if my information here is correct.

I assume that prior to 2016-17, the LKK30 or Chandler Local used to go to a fertilizer plant in Dock, AZ South of Hunt Hwy, but the fertilizer company went out of business in March 2017. Also, Gold Canyon Candle closed in around 2020 due to the Pandemic. Chandler local turns at Chandler Heights siding if the siding at Pecos is occupied (which it usually is nowadays) and/or there are tank cars on the train, or it has to serve Gold Canyon Candle, and if the siding at Pecos is empty and the train doesn't have any tank cars, it would turn at Pecos and shove to Willis (84 Lumber and Soilworks Scrapyard).

I read that the Chandler Local didn't serve Foxworth and Alliance Lumber/Schnepf Farms until 2018, after the Magma Local had some amendments made to the schedule to prevent crews from running out of time.
However, I heard from a conductor who works the Chandler Local (Mr. Brandon; I will not reveal his last name for privacy sakes) that the KK30 used to run to Magma up until 2009.

If anyone knows anything about the Chandler Local's operational history please tell me.

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