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Started by DDA40Xfan_Bruce, September 14, 2023, 05:03:53 am

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I know, ATCS/TM5 has limited life span.  As I still use it, even for the Seligman Sub for mileages, detectors, etc, hopefully others are too. So here are some recommendations I have to make them even more useful for the time being.  I'm doing this on a few hours of sleep so I may have more later.  ;D

Gallup Sub layout:
Camera link for Jackrabbit.
Like the VR camera labeling, put your label next to the camera icons. Make them stand out more.
Camera link for Santa Fe.

Seligman Sub layout:
Camera link for Jackrabbit.
Camera link for Needles.

Needles Sub layout:
Audio feed links Needles and Kingman, etc. like the ones on the Seligman Sub & Gallup. Slider style in other words.

Please comment as desired.


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